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Last updated: June 17, 2024

Please note: If you are school personnel, a school based/contract therapist or a teacher looking to borrow equipment on behalf of a student in a K – 12th grade program please make your loan request via the Arizona Department of Education AT Loan Program.

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HINTS: Enter any part of the manufacturer, product name or description. For example, entering dyna would match "DynaVox", "dynamatch" or "dynamic" anywhere in the name or title.  Try using part of the name of a product, manufacturer name or description. For instance if you are interested in “switch adapted toys” try searching for “toy” or try using specific alternatives of the product name or title - such as searching for “fork or spoon” if you are interested in adapted utensils.  Also, a search for “keyboards” plural will not find the same listings as “keyboard” singular.  Note that the search is NOT case sensitive.

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